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What you need to keep in mind when travelling with your dog.

When you travel with your dog via a long car ride, you have to take a lot into consideration. For instance, how old is your dog, how often has he or she made long road trips, and do they get overly anxious when travelling? These are very important aspects to know about your dog because while you see commercials of happy-go-lucky dogs on television riding in the car, many dogs are severely traumatized by the event. Therefore, it is important to know your dog and how often you have taken him or her in the car with you, the more they are exposed to car rides, the less anxiety they will be.

Planning your road trip.

It is vital if you know in advance that you are planning a road trip and you want to bring your dog to prepare well. For instance, if you have only taken your dog in the car with you to go to the veterinarian's office, your dog associates the car with the vet. Therefore, weeks before your road trip is the time to get your dog used to travelling by taking him places with you. For instance, when you head to the grocery store, take your dog with you, but remember if it is a very hot day, this may not be a good idea. If it is hot, then just take your dog with you to run errands that require you to stay in the air-conditioned car, such as going to your drive-thru bank, mailing letters, and then come home.

The idea in the beginning is to let you dog know that going places with you means that they can be "with" you, which of course, every dog loves. Moreover, they get accustomed to going places in the car that does not involve the veterinarian, which lessens their overall anxiety. Next, begin taking them for longer trips in the car, for instance, if you live in a big city and know you will be in the car driving for an hour or more, take your dog with you. The more you take her with you the less anxiety she has and the more it turns into excitement because they know they are going with you.

In addition, make it a fun event by saying, "want to go bye-bye?" because this will soon get them very excited knowing they are going in the car with you. As your road trip approaches, you will have your dog accustomed to riding in the car with you and he or she will be ready to go. Make sure you have the provisions for your dog such as their food, water, bed, and lots of toys.

Final Thoughts.

If your dog is overly anxious and you simply cannot get him or her used to being with you in the car, you might consider having a dog sitter come in when you are gone or having your dog boarded, which can be traumatizing in and of itself, so be careful where you board your dog. The best way to have your dog "travel-ready" is to train them from puppy-hood to travel in the car with you.

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Travelling With Your Dog.