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What is the proper nutrition for my dog?

Even though we may not care to admit it, every dog owner at one time or another has given their dog a bit of "human" food. Some of us more than others. Of course we are not trying to compromise our beloved dog's nutrition, but just to provide him with a quick treat. How many dog owners know though what proper nutrition for their canine truly consists of? Most of us have faith in the bag of dog food or dog treats we purchase at the pet store, but does it really provide everything your pet needs for a long and happy life? Here are some particulars that you may not know about the proper nutrition for a dog.

The most important thing to remember regarding proper dog nutrition is that it is based on nutrients. Every piece of dog food and human food produced includes a certain amount of nutrients. Some food has more than others, many foods are deficient in one or many needed nutrients. For proper balanced nutrition for a dog, they must have the proper amount of essential nutrients. This will greatly assist in them having a long healthy life. I am sure you are wondering what the proper nutrients are and in what amounts, right? There are actually six essential nutrients. They include protein, carbohydrates, fat, water, minerals, and vitamins. Referring to the word balanced, these nutrients must be provided in even amounts. We can provide large amounts of love and attention to our dog, but if we do not also provide them with a balanced diet we are doing them a large disservice.

A scary fact is that human food is regulated by government set standards, but dog food kept in a dog food storage bin is not. That is why we truly cannot trust that our dog will be provided with all the nutrients it needs. This is why it is so important that when shopping for food for our dog that we make a habit of reading the ingredient labels. It is also wise to use common sense. As they say with human food, if you are unable to pronounce an ingredient more then likely it is not good for you or an essential nutrient. Use this standard when shopping for dog food too. The more natural, less processed the better for your dog. There was a manufacturer awhile back that told owners that the dog food they produced was safe, yet it ultimately ended up killing many dogs before it was finally removed from shelves. This can be very scary. One suggestion may be to not stick with one brand of dog food. Try to vary the manufacturer. This way you not only lessen the chance of something like that happening to your dog, but one manufacturer may be lacking in a nutrient while the other manufacturer may not be. Also remember when perusing the ingredient list, not to bypass the vitamin list. Vitamins are as essential as protein, fat, and carbohydrates, so make sure you check those amounts out as well. This will allow your dog to receive everything that he needs to help with his longevity.

Dogs cannot go out and purchase their own food as we can. They trust their owners to do it for them. Dogs love us unconditionally and provide us with constant joy, can we let them down with shoddy nutrition? I don't think so.

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Proper Nutrition For Your Dog.