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Tips on choosing a boarding kennel.

Once upon a time, if you were going away, you left your dog in a boarding kennel. Today, there are many more types of facilities to choose from. In fact, you can have a pet sitter come in and take care of your dog. You can hire a dog walker. You can leave your dog at a doggy camp. You can also book your pampered pet into a doggy spa.

While there are still boarding facilities, the choice has now expanded from the plain and basic to the opulent and luxurious. Yet, not matter where you decide to send your dog, you need to look at what the facility has to offer. You need to pay the kennel or dog hotel a visit. You also have to ask very pertinent questions of yourself and the facility.

Questions To Ask

There are many different things you need to consider before you book your dog a stay. Whether it is a kennel or a dog spa, the questions are very similar. Before you talk to the owner or manager, prepare a list. Use the questions below as a guide line, but do cater them to reflect your own concerns. Remember the queries should match the needs of your own dog.

1. What safety measures are in place? Is there a fenced-in exercise area? Is there a general yard for playing or separate sections to keep bullies from the weaker dogs?

2. Is the staff able to address any special needs of your particular dog? Can the facilities handle specific requirements?

3. How often do the dogs get to exercise? How long are exercise or play periods?

4. What type of dog activities does the kennel provide for its paying guests?

5. Where does a dog relief him or herself? How often is this allowed? Are exceptions made for dogs with urinary tract problems? Are senior dogs given extra potty periods?

6. Is there any degree of socialization with staff and other dogs?

7. What type of medical arrangements are available in case of emergency or common occurrences?

8. Is there a vet on the premises or nearby?

9. What is the protocol if a pet becomes ill or is injured?

10. Are there any extra medical fees? This includes both for any medical issues that arise and for giving medications.

11. Is anyone qualified or adept on staff to give medications to a pacific or truculent or wily dog?

12. Does the facility tend to grooming needs?

13. Can you bring your own bedding, food and toys?

14. What are the skill level and experience of the various staff members at this dog care center? Do they have references?

15. Is the place accredited by the AKC, the CKC or any other reputable kennel club?

16. What type of vaccinations does the place require before a dog is accepted?

17. Is the place licensed and bonded?

Make sure you get all the answers to your questions. Only after you know the safety and health issues, should you consider placing your dog under the care of the facility. Of course, you do need to consider price. There is only so much you can afford. There is also the question of the length of your time away. Some kennels and boarding facilities only allow your dog to remain for a set period of time.


Be sure to consider all angles of the situation before you make the final decision. In fact, before you do opt for this doggy care facility over another, you need to do 1 more thing - pay the facilities on your short list a visit.

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Tips on Choosing a Boarding Kennel.